What is Streamlined Body

 What is Streamlined Body :

Yes students, today we will explain what is Streamlined Body Shape. With this you will understand with examples. Streamlined Body Examples.

First of all what is Streamlined Shape.

What is Streamlined Shape

Streamlined Body :-

Streamlined body Shape is a shape where head and tail are smaller than the middle portion of the body. 

Such a body when it passes through water or air it reduces friction which is a produced by liquid medium.

Streamlined Body Examples :-

Fish is an example of this , The shape is such that water can flow around it easily and allow the fish to move in water. Other Examples are Boat  , Aeroplane. 

This shape also helps in fast swimming in water.

Fluid Friction -

Fluid Friction is the Force of Friction exerted by liquids and gases on objects moving through them. 

Fluid Friction depends upon :

  • The Speed of the object
  • Shape of the object
  • The nature of the fluid

Birds flying in Air have streamlined body to reduce fluid friction. 


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