Agriculture Gk for Punjab Patwari Exam

Punjab Gk for Punjab Revenue Exam :

Agriculture GK is most Important for Patwari Exam. Important questions related to Punjab Patwari Exam.

Agriculture Gk Punjab Patwari
Agriculture Gk For Punjab Patwari Exam


Rabi : Rabi crops are also Known as winter crops.
Sown -  October to December and
Harvested -  April to June.

Main Crop -  Wheat , barley , pea , gram and mustard.

Note - Punjab , Haryana , Himachal Pradesh , Jammu
& Kashmir , Uttrakhand and Uttar Pradeshare the important
producers of rabi crops.

Kharif : Kharif crops are also known as summer crops.
Sown - The beginning of monsoon.
Harvested - September to October.

Main Crop - Paddy , Maize , Jowar , bajra , moong , cotton ,
jute , groundnut , and soyabean crops.

Zaid : The zaid season falls in between the rabi and Kharif
Main Crop - Watermelon , muskmelon , cucumber , vegetables.

Points to rember-
1. The soil which is most suitable for cultivation of cotton :
Ans. Black Soil.

2. The soil which requires least use of fertilisers :

Ans. Alluvial Soil.

3. The soil which is poor in soluble salts:

Ans. Laterite Soil.

4. The kind of soil which is treated with gypsum to make

it suitable for cropping :
Ans. Alkaline Soil.

5. The soil which requires least tilling:

Ans. Black Soil.

List of Agricultural Research Centres in India :

1. Central Institute for Cotton Research - Maharashtra.

2. Indian Agricultural Research Institute - New Delhi.

3. National Dairy Research Institute - Haryana.

4. Indian Institute for Forest Management - Bhopal.

5. National Botanical Research Institute - Uttar Pradesh.

Multiple Choice Questions :

Q1. The science concerned with Cultivation of grapes.
a) Olericulture
b) Viticulture
c) Horticulture
d) Agriculture

Q2.Which Indian state leads in the production of rubber ?
a) Tamil Nadu
b) Karnataka
c) Kerala
d) Gujarat

Q3. Which of the following soil is most suitable for garlic
cultivation ?
a) Sandy loam
b) Loam
c) Clay
d) Loamy sand

Q4. Which state is the largest producer of Groundnut ?
a) Uttar Pradesh
b)  Maharashtra
c) Andhra Pradesh
d) Gujarat

Q5. In India which crop is sown on the largest Area ?
a) Jowar
b) Wheat
c) Groundnut
d) Rice

Q6. Which crop requires maximum amount of Nitrogen ?
a) Potato
b) Wheat
c) Sugercane
d) Barley

Q7. Bending of plants towards light is called-
a) Phototropism
b) Vernalisation
c) Photo-respiration
d) None of these

Q8. The origin of litchi is-
a) India
b) Philippines
c) China
d) Burma

Q9. Red soil is poor in which of the following nutrients ?
a) Phosphorus and sulphur
b) Phosphorous and Nitrogen
c) Nitrogen and Zinc
d) Nitrogen and Potassium

Q10. Which soil largest and the most important soil group
of India ?
a) Alluvial Soils
b) Black Soil
c) Red Soils
d) Laterite Soils

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