Punjab Geography GK  :

Hello guys Geogrphy is important for every competative exam . So here we provide Punjab Geography Gk notes for you . Regions in Punjab , Divisions in Punjab . wetlands in Punjab . Punjab Geography Mcq , punjab Gk Questions .

punjab geography gk
Punjab Geography Gk

Neighbour States of Punjab :-

• Punjab is situated in the North- West part
of India.
• It has Jammu and Kashmir to the North.
• Himachal Pradesh to the East.

• Haryana to the South and South-East.
• And shares International border with Pakistan to the west.

• Rajasthan in the Southwest.
• The state of Punjab is divided into 22          Districts.

Border Districts :

    There are six border districts in Punjab which share the boundry with Pakistan.
These districts are Pathankot , Gurdaspur,
Amritsar,  Tarn- Taran , Firozpur , and

Divisions in Punjab :

  Punjab is divided into 5 Divisions -
1. Patiala
2. Faridkot
3. Firozpur
4. Jalandhar
5. Ropar.

Wetlands in Punjab :-

   There are total three wetlands in Punjab.

• First is Harike wetland in the Tarn-Taran district of Punjab.

• Second is Kanjali wetland in the Kapurthala district of Punjab.

• Third is Ropar Wetland.

Longitude,  Latitude

Latitude of Punjab extends 29.30° N to 32.32°N
Longitude extends 73.55°E to 76.50° E

Punjab Geography Mcq

Some Questions :

1. Which is the Largest district of Punjab Area wise  ?
Ans. Ludhiana.

2. Which is the smallest district of Punjab Area wise  ?
Ans. Pathankot.

3. All India rank of Punjab in terms of Area ?
Ans. 20th Rank.

4. All india Rank of Punjab in terms of Population ?
Ans. 16th Rank.

5. Where is Central University of Punjab situated  ?
Ans. In Bathinda.

6. In how many regions Punjab divided  ?
Ans. Punjab is divided into three regions -
a. Majha
b. Malwa
c. Doaba

7. Which river separates Doaba from the Malwa region to its south  ?
Ans. Satluj.

8. Which river separates Doaba from the Majha region to its North  ?
Ans. Beas.

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