BIOLOGY GK QUESTIONS IMPORTANT FOR EVERY EXAM SUCH AS SSC, RRB, PCS, NDA, UPSC .                                                                                                                                   

biology gk
Biology GK

1. The Vitamin Which helps in clotting of blood is:
Ans. Vitamin K

2.  The Deficiency of Vitamin D causes:
Ans. Rickets.

3.  The Colour of human Skin is produced by:
Ans. Melanin.

4.  Pituitary gland is situated in:
Ans. The Base of the brain.

5.  A Vitamin requires cobalt for its activity . the Vitamin is:
Ans. Vitamin B12.

6. Respiration Process done through :
Ans. Oxygen.

7. The colour of the eye depends upon the pigment present in :
Ans. Iris.

8. The average heart beat rate per minute in a normal person is:
Ans. 72.

9. Jaundice is a disease caused due to the infection of :
Ans. liver.

10. The pH of human blood is:
Ans. 7.4

11. The longest bone in the human body is:
Ans. Femur.

12. Who discover Pencillin ?
Ans. Alexander Fleming.

13. Blood group was discovered by:
Ans. Landsteiner.

14. The Vitamin most readily destroyed by heat is :
Ans. Ascorbic Acid.

15. An instrument for measuring blood pressure is called:
Ans. Sphygmomanometer.

16. The deficiency of Iron in man result in :
Ans. Anaemia.

17. Which enzyme converts proteins:
Ans. Trypsin.

18. Goitre is caused by the deficiency of:
Ans. Iodine.

19. Vitamin C is also Known as:
Ans. Ascorbic acid.

20. Myopia is a disease connected with:
Ans. Eyes.

21. Lactogenic Hormone is secreted by:
Ans. Pituitary gland.

22. Enzymes are :
Ans. Proteins.

23. The deficiency of vitamin A causes :
Ans. Night blindness.

24. Minamata disease is caused by:
Ans. Mercury.

25. The Highest concentration of Urea is found in:
Ans. Hepatic Vein.

26. Riboflavin is a :
Ans. Vitamin.

27. In man the Normal number of chromosomes is:
Ans. 46

28. The metal present in haemoglobin:
Ans. Iron.

29. The metal present in the chlorophyll is:
Ans. Magnesium.

30. The Important suger in honey is:
Ans. Fructose.

31. What is the Chemical Name of Vitamin A:
Ans. Retinol.

32. What is the Chemical Name of Vitamin E ?
Ans. Tocopherol.

33. Plants that grow in saline water are called:
Ans. Halophytes.

34. Phloem is a tissue found in:
Ans. Plants.

35. How much fibres in diet are recommended per day in a balanced diet ?
Ans. 25-35gm.

36. In which form is glucose stored in our body ?
Ans. Glycogen.

37. The xylem in plants are responsible for:
Ans. Transport of water.

38. Which drug is used as an AntiDiabetic drug ?
Ans. Metformin.

39. Study of classification of organisms is Known as _______ .
Ans. Taxonomy.

40. Lungs are the primary organs of:
Ans. Respiration.

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