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Chemistry GK

1. What is the Chemical formula of washing soda:
Ans. Chemical Name = Sodium Carbonate.
Chemical formula = Na2CO3.10H2O

2. What is the Chemical Name of Baking soda:
Ans. Chemical Name = Sodium Bicarbonate.
Chemical formula = NaHCO3

3. The chemical that is used to ripen Mangoes:
Ans. Calcium Carbide.

4. Inert gases are:
Ans. Chemically Unreactive.

5. The most abundant element in the Earth’s Atmosphere :
Ans. Nitrogen.

6. High percentage of Carbon is found in which form of Coal ?
Ans. Anthracite.

7. Name the gas used in Prepration of Bleaching Powder :
Ans. Chlorine.

8. What is the another Name of Vineger ?
Ans. Acetic acid.

9. The depletion in Ozone Layer is Caused by:
Ans. Chlorofluorocarbons.

10. What is the Name of the Acid present in Grapes ?
Ans. Tartaric Acid.

11. Which Gas is also Known as Laughing gas ?
Ans. Di-nitrogen Oxide.  (N2O)

12. The chemical substance present in bones and teeth is:
Ans. Calcium Phosphate.

13. The Chief Source of Napthalene is ?
Ans. Coal-tar.

14. The element used for making solar cells :
Ans. Silicon.

15. The most important ore of Lead is :
Ans. Galena.

16. Copper is refined by:
Ans. Roasting.

17. Natural Rubber is polymer of:
Ans. Isoprene.

18. Brass contains:
Ans. Copper and Zinc.

19. Dry ice is the solid form of:
Ans. Carbon Dioxide.

20. Which is the purest form of Iron:
Ans. Wrought Iron.

21. The apparatus used to test acidity of aqueous solution is:
Ans. pH meter.

22. Which is the essential Element in all organic compounds ?
Ans. Carbon.

23. Instrument Used for measuring Wind velocity ?
Ans. Anemometer.

24. The main Chemical Constituent of clay is:
Ans. Aluminium Silicate.

25. The Main active Constituent of Tea and Coffee is:
Ans. Caffeine.

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