Current Affairs May 2019 , These are 50 Questions Covered   from May Month  Current Affairs.

may 2019 current affairs
Current Affairs May 2019

1. When is the World Press Freedom Day observed ?
 a.  1 May                                              
 b. 3 May
 c. 2 May                                                
 d. 4 May     
Ans. (b)  3 May  

2. When is the International Labour Day celebrated every year ?
 a. 1 May 
 b. 3 May
 c. 2 May                                               
 d. 4 May
Ans. (a)  1 May

3. Who has been appointed as the Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court ?
a. Ranjan Gogoi                                    
b. Abhay Shreeniwas Oka
c. H.J. Kania                                           
d. None of these
Ans.  (b)  Abhay Shreeniwas Oka

4. Who attained the World Number One Position in the Women’s Air Rifle Event in 2019 ?
a. Anjam Moudgill                               
b. Apurvi Chandela
c. Mehuli Ghosh                                    
d. Heena Sidhu.
Ans. (b)  Apurvi Chandela

5. Who was appointed as the officer on Special Duty (OSD) in the office of Lokpal in 2019 ?
a. Anil Kumar                                          
b. Ajay Kumar Gang
c. Hemant Kumar                                   
d. Dilip Kumar
Ans. (d) Dilip Kumar

6. Which City Police launched an all Women Police Patrol unit  ‘ Rani Abbakka Force ‘ ?
a. Lucknow                                              
b. Kolkata
c. Mangaluru                                           
d. Pune
Ans. (c) Mangaluru

7. The Central Government has made mandatory for all Electric Vehicles (EVs) to use the _________ number Plates :
 a. Pink                                                      
 b. Blue
 c. Green                                                    
 d. Black
 Ans. (c) Green

8. Justice Ravindra Bhat was appointed as the Justice of which State high court ?
a. Gujarat                                                 
b. Rajasthan
c. Odisha                                                  
d. Kerala
Ans. (b) Rajasthan.

9. Who won the men ’s title in the Asian individual Squash Championship held in Malaysia in May 2019 ?
a. Ritwik Bhattacharya                         
b. Kush Kumar
c. Siddaharth Suchde                            
d. Saurav Ghoshal
Ans. (d) Saurav Ghoshal

10.  Who have been appointed as the Brand ambassador of Myntra in 2019 ?
a.  Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhat
b. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone
c. Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma
d. Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan
Ans. (c) Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. 

11.  Which Country hosting a WTO Ministrial Meeting of developing countries in May 2019 ?
a. India                                                 
b. Bhutan
c. China                                                
d. Russia
Ans. (a) India.

12. Which country has become the second country in the World to declare a climate and biodiversity emergency ?
a. Sweden                                          
b. USA
c. Finland                                           
d. Ireland
 Ans. (d) Ireland. 

13. On Which date is National Technology Day observed Every Year in India :
a. 10 May                                          
b. 12 May
c. 11 May                                          
d. 13 May  
Ans. (c) 11 May. 

14. Who was appointed as Maharashtra ‘s Chief Secretary in May 2019 ?
a. Devendra Fadnavis                      
b. Ajit Seth
c. Ajoy Mehta                                    
d. Pradeep Kumarisinha
Ans. (c) Ajoy Mehta. 

15. Which of the following Teams became IPL champions in 2019 ?
a. Chennai Super Kings                     
b. Royal Challenges Banglore
c. Mumbai Indians                             
d. Deccan Chargers
Ans. Mumbai Indians.

16. When is the International day for Biological Diversity observed ?
a. 19 May                                             
b. 21 May
c. 20 May                                             
d. 22 May
Ans. (d) 22 May. 

17.  Who has become the first black African Woman to Conquer Mt. Everest in her fourth Attempt ?
a. Lena Waithe                                    
b. Saray Khumalo
c. Sheila Johnson                                
d. Carla Hall
Ans. (b) Saray Khumala.

18.  As per the World Book of Records London ,Who is named as most viewed stand-up  comedian in India and Abroad ?
a. Raghav Juyal                                    
b. Ali Asgar
c. Kapil Sharma                                    
d. Krushna Abishek
Ans. (c) Kapil Sharma.

19.  How many formats of Badminton have been launched by the Badminton World Federation (BWE) in 2019 ?
a. 2                                                          
b. 4
c. 3                                                          
d. 5
Ans. (a) 2

20. What is the Rank of Tripura Gramin Bank out of 46 Regional Riral Banks in India ?
a. 3                                                            
b. 7
c. 5                                                            
d. 9
Ans. (a) 3

21. Recently , Joko Widodo has been re- elected as President of Which Country ?
a. Malaysia                                            
b. Indonesia
c. Singapore                                          
d. Thailand
Ans. (b) Indonesia. 

22.  Who was sworn in as Chief Minister of Odisha in May 2019 ?
a. Pema Khandu                                 
a. Ashok Gehlot                                   
b. Naveen Patnaik
c. Bhupesh                                            
d. Sarbananda Sonowal
Ans. (b) Naveen Patnaik.

23. Who become the Chief Minister of Arunanchal Pradesh in May 2019 ?

a. Ashok Gehlot                                   
b. Pema Khandu
c. Amarinder Singh                              
d. V. Narayanasamy
Ans. (b) Pema Khandu.

24.  When did Narendra Modi took Oath as a Prime Minister for Second term ?
a. 33 May                                              
b. 25 May
c. 30 May                                              
d. 20 May
Ans. (c) 30 May.

25.  Which country has Removed Indian from its currency watch list ?
a. China                                                 
b. Australia
c. USA                                                    
d. Russia
Ans. (c) USA.

26. Who has been appointed as the new CTO of Walmart ?
a. Rajesh Sharma                                 
b. Suresh Kumar
c. Mahesh Singh                                   
d. Vivek Singh
Ans. (b) Suresh Kumar.

27.  Who has created history by becoming the only woman to have elected to Parliament from Kerala ?
a. Smt. Santosh Ahlawat                    
b. Remya Haridas
c. Smt. Renuka Butta                          
d. Smt. Pratima Mondal
Ans. (b) Remya Haridas.

28.  Who is appointed as the Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court ?
a. B.R. Gava                                           
b. D N Patel
c. Surya Kant                                         
d. Ramesh Singh
Ans. (b) D N Patel.

29. Where will the G-20 Summit 2019 will be held ?
a. Argentina                                           
b. Australia
c. Brazil                                                   
d. Japan
Ans. (d) Japan.

30. How many Seats have been won by women candidates in the 17th Lok Sabha Elections ?
 a. 56                                                      
 b. 68
 c. 72                                                       
 d. 78
Ans. (d) 78

31. Who has been appointred as the brand ambassador of TAFE for the Massey Ferguson brand of Tractors , in May 2019 ?
a. Salman Khan                                    
b. Aamir Khan
c. Akshay Kumar                                  
d. Ajay Devgn
Ans. (c) Akshay Kumar.

32. With Which Country has india signed a protocolin May 2019 for export of Indian Chilli meal ?
 a. China                                              
 b. Japan
 c. Sri Lanka                                        
 d. Bhutan
Ans. (a) China

33.  Where was India ‘s first  ‘ Mega-Science ‘ exhibition ‘ Vigyan Samagam ‘ inaugurated ?
 a. New Delhi                                     
 b. Mumbai
 c. Pune                                               
 d. Patna
Ans. (b) Mumbai.

34.  Justice Pr Ramachandra was sworn in as Chief Justice of Which High Court ?
a. Uttrakhand                                    
b. Delhi
c. Chhattishgarh                                
d. Madras
Ans. (c) Chhattishgarh.

35.  When is  ‘ World No Tobacco Day ‘ celebrated ?
a. 30 May                                           
b. 1 June
c. 31 May                                           
d. 29 May
Ans. (c) 31 May.

36. How many gold medals did India win in the ISSF World Cup 2019  in Munich , Germany ?
a. 2                                                       
b. 5
c. 4                                                       
d. 3
Ans. (b) 5

37. Who took over as the Chief of naval Staff today with a career spanning over 37 Years ?
a. Admiral Sunil Lanba.
b. Admiral Krishna Bhatti
c. Admiral Vivek Kishan
d. Admiral Karambir Singh
Ans. (d) Admiral Karambir Singh.

38. The Founder of Flipkart , Sachin Bansal Joined Which of the Following as director ?
a. Equiats Small Finance Bank
b. Utkarsh Small Finance Bank
c. Ujjivan Small Finance Bank
d. Capital Cab Small Finance Bank
Ans. (c) Ujjivan Small Finance Bank.

39.  The Sudirman Cup tournament began in China imn May 2019 . it is related to Which sport ?
a. Golf                                                 
b. Tennis
c. Chess                                               
d. Badminton
Ans. (d) Badminton.

40. Which of the following partnered with Google on the occasion of World Telecom Day 2019 ?
a. Bharti Airtel                                  
b. Jio
c. BSNL                                               
d. Aircel
Ans. (c) BSNL.

41.  In Which Country is the Vesak festival being observed in May 2019 ?
a. Nepal                                              
b. Bhutan
c. Sri Lanka                                         
d. Indonesia
Ans. (c) Sri Lanka.

42. When does Goa celebrates its statehood day ?
 a. 28 May                                         
 b. 2 June
 c. 30 May                                          
 d. 4 July   
Ans. (c) 30 may.

43. Which of the following former Prime Minister ‘s Death Anniversary was observed on 29th May ?
a. Jawaharlal Nehru                         
b. Chaudhary Charan Singh
c. Gulzarilal Nanda                           
d. Indira Gandhi
Ans. (b) Chaudhary Charan Singh.

44. Who has been nominated as the speaker of Maldives parliament ?
a. Mohamed Nasheed                      
b. Ibrahim Mohamed Solih
c. Abdul Yameen                                
d. Eva Abdulla
Ans. (a) Mohamed Nasheed.

45. The World Chess Fedration has decided to restore the rating of Which country’s chess players ?
a. Malaysia                                          
b. USA
c. Germany                                         
d. India
Ans. (d) India.

46. Who has been appointed as the brand ambassador of the Himalaya Drug Company ?
a. Virat Kohli                                     
b. Shah Rukh Khan
c. Shikhar Dhawan                           
d. Both 1 and 3
Ans. (d) Both 1 and 3.

47. Who has been Named by Time Magazine in its list of Top 10  “ Next Generation Leaders ‘ 2019 ?
a.  Virat Kohli                                        
b. Aakash Ambani
c. Ajey Nagar                                        
d. Prithvi Shaw
Ans. (c) Ajey Nagar.

48. Who won The best Child Actor award for Chippa at the 19th New York Indian Film Festival ?
a. Matin Rey Tangu                           
b. Harshaali Malhotra
c. Ali Haji                                             
d. Sunny Pawar
Ans. (d) Sunny Pawar.

49. Recently Bukkapatna has been decided as a Chinkara Wildlife Sanctuary . it is in Which state ?
a. Andhra Pradesh                            
b. Bihar
c. Gujarat                                           
d. Karnataka
Ans. (d) Karnataka.

50. How many New award categories have been announced by FIFA to promote Women’s football across the Globe ?
a. 1                                                      
b. 2
c. 3                                                      
d. 4
Ans. (b) 2

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