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Sports Gk

1. Ranjhi Trophy is given in which game:

2. Agha Khan cup is related to Which game :
Ans. Hockey. 

 3. “ Ryder cup “ is awarded to the players of:
Ans. Golf.

4. Which was the first country to host the Asian games:
Ans. India.

5. Neeraj Chopra is associated with which sports ?
Ans. Javelin Throw.

6. The Headquarters of FIFA is in:
Ans. Zurich.

7. Thomas cup is associated with :
Ans. Badminton.

8. How many rings are there in the Olympic Flag:
Ans. 5

 9. Which City will host the 2020 Summer Olympic games:
Ans. Tokyo.

10. Who is Known as the “ Hockey Wizard “ ?
Ans. Dhyanchand.

11. The first Asian city to host Summer Olympics was:
Ans. Tokyo.

12. Greenpark Stadium is in:
Ans. Kanpur.

13. Who is named as the flying sikh of india ;
Ans. Milkha Singh.

14. For the first time Common-wealth Games were played during 1930 in:
Ans. Canada.

15. “ Bull’s eye “ is used in the game of:
Ans. Shooting.

 16. The term “ Smasher “ is associated with which sport ?
Ans. Volley Ball.

17. ICC World T20 in 2016 was won by:
Ans. West Indies.

18. Davis cup is associated with the game of:
Ans. Lawn Tennis.

 19. “ Lona “  is related to which game:
Ans. Kabaddi.

20. The highest title in Judo is:
Ans. 10th Dan.

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