General Knowledge Questions - RRB , SSC Exams

General Knowledge Questions For Ssc , Cds , RRb Exam :

GK Questions
General Knowledge Questions

 Q1. Vitamin C is also Known as:
Ans. Ascorbic Acid.

Q2. The Chemical Name of Baking Soda is :
Ans. Sodium bicarbonate.

Q3. Tesla is a unit of :
Ans. Magnetic Field.

Q4. Which mirror in vehicles is used to see the objects coming from behind ?
Ans. Convex Mirror.

Q5.Lens is made up of :
Ans. Flint Glass.

Q6. Transformer is used to convert :
Ans. Low A.C voltage to High voltage.

Q7.The Chemical substance present in bones and teeth is :
Ans. Calcium Phosphate.

Q8. The colour of cows milk is slightly yellow due to the presence of:
Ans. Carotene.

Q9. Delhi is located at the bank of which river :
Ans. Jamuna.

Q10. Who was the first Speaker of lok Sabha ?
Ans. Ganesh Vasudev Mavalanker.

Q11. Who was the first female speaker of lok sabha ?
Ans. Meira Kumar.

Q12. Who is called the father of Economics ?
Ans. Adam Smith.

Q13. The Vitamin which helps in clotting of blood is:
Ans. Vitamin K.

Q14.Deficiency of vitamin D causes:
Ans. Rickets.

Q15. A concave lens always form:
Ans. Virtual image.

Q16. Metals are good conductors of Electricity because:
Ans. They contain free electrons.

Q17. Stainless steel is an alloy of :
Ans. Iron, chromium and Nickel.

Q18. The heaviest naturally occurring element is :
Ans. Uranium.

Q19. The pH of human blood is :
Ans. 7.4

Q20. Which gas is chiefly present in LPG ?
Ans.Propane and Butane.

Q21. What is the chemical name of vitamin-A ?
Ans. Retinol.

Q22. What is the chemical name of vitamin D :
 Ans. Calciferol.

Q23. What is the chemical name of vitamin E ?
Ans. Tocopherol.

Q24. Name of measurement unit of current is:
Ans. Ampere.

Q25. Which gas is known as laughing gas :
Ans. Nitrous oxide.

Q26. The Ozone layer lies in the :
Ans. Stratosphere.

Q27. Anemometer is an instrument used for measuring:
Ans. Wind Speed.

Q28. Major constituent of Air is:
Ans. Nitrogen ( 78.09%)

Q29. The gas used to Extinguish fire is :
Ans. CO2 Carbondioxide.

Q30. Night blindness is caused by :
Ans. Vitamin A.

Q31. Study of Earthquakes is known as:
Ans. Seismology.

Q32. The metal ion present in Vitamin B12 is:
Ans. Cobalt.

Q33. Blood group was discovered by:
Ans. Landsteiner.

Q34. The filament of electric bulb is made up of :
Ans. Tungsten.

Q35. The unit of measurement of Noise is :
Ans. Decibel.

Q36. What is the chemical name of baking Soda:
Ans. Sodium Carbonate.

Q37. First chief of Army Staff :
Ans. General M. Rajendra Singh.

Q38. What is the full form of NITI Aayog:
Ans. National Institution For Transforming India.

Q39. First woman speaker of Lok Sabha:
Ans. Meira Kumar.

Q40. Dal Lake is situated in which state:
Ans. Srinagar (jammu and Kashmir)

Q41. Hawa mahal is situated in:
Ans. Jaipur (Rajasthan)

Q42.Where is Chilka lake situated :
Ans. Near Bhubaneshwar ( Odisha )

Q42. Chemical name of common salt is:
Ans. Sodium Chloride.

Q43. In galvanization iron is coated with:
Ans. Zinc.

Q44. Dry ice is the solid form of :
Ans. Carbon dioxide.

Q45.The gas liberated in the Bhopal gas tragedy was:
Ans. Methyl isocyanate.

Q46. Heavy water is also known as:
Ans. Deuterium oxide.

Q47. Entomology is the study of:
Ans. Insects.

Q48. How many watts in one Horse Power?
Ans. 746 watt. 

Q49. The first metal used by man was :
Ans. Copper.

Q50. For respiration in deep sea, divers use mixture of:
Ans. Oxygen, Helium and Nitrogen.

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