Computer GK -General Awareness Questions For Exams

Computer GK Important Questions:

Computer Gk
Computer Gk

Q1. Ram stands for :
a) Random access memory
b) Raid act mwmory
c) Read access memory
d) Read only memory
Ans. a) Random access memory

Q2. What does HTTP stands for ?
a) Head Tail Transfer Protocol
b) Hypertext Transfer Plotter
c) Hypertext Transfer Protocol
d) Hypertext Transfer Plot
Ans. c) Hypertext transfer protocol

Q3. Who is Father of modern computers ?
a) Abraham Lincoln
b) James Gosling
c) Gordon E. Moore
d) Charles Babbage
Ans. d) Charles Babbage.

Q4. The primary purpose of software is to turn data into:
a) Websites
b) Graphs
c) programs
d) information
Ans. d) information.

Q5. A byte represents a group of:
a) 8 bits
b) 18 bits
c) 10 bits
d) 16 bits
Ans. a) 8 bits.

Q6. MS Powerpoint is a Software of __________.
a) Apple
b) Android
c) Microsoft
d) Google
Ans. c) Microsoft.

Q7. An error in a computer program is called a:
a) crash
b) power failure
c) bug
d) virus
Ans. c) bug.

Q8. A Spresdsheet contains ?
a) coloumns
b) rows
c) rows and coloumns
d) None of above.
Ans. c) rows and coloumns.

Q9. Micro processor speed is measured in:
a) megabytes
b) bytes
c) Kilobytes
d) gigahertz
Ans. d) gigahertz.

Q10. What is the full form of URL ?
a) Uniform Reverse Location
b) Uniform Resource locator
c) Universal Resolution Locator
d) None of these
Ans. b) Uniform Resource Locator.

Q11. Chip is a common nickname for a ________ .
a) Transistor
b) Resistor
c) Semiconductor
d) Integrated Circuit.
Ans. d) Integrated Circuit.

Q12. Computer use the ________ language to process data.
a) Binary
b) Relational
c) Megabyte
d) Processing
Ans. a) Binary.

Q13. Two combine teo or more cells into a single cell is called:
a) Joining
b) Merging
c) Sharing
d) Splitting
Ans. b) Merging.

Q14. What is the full form of GUI ?
a) Geometrical Ultra Inputs
b) Graphical User Interface
c) Graphical ultra Inter
d) Graph User Inter
Ans. b) Graphical User Interface.

Q15. IC -Chips for computer are usually made of:
a) Silicon
b) Lead
c) Chromium
d) Gold
Ans. a) Silicon.

Q16. USB is _______ type of storage device.
a) Auxillary
b) Primary
c) Tertiary
d) Secondary
Ans. d) Secondary.

Q17. The technology used in the electronic printer is called:
a) Micro array
b) Micro millimetric
c) Micro technology
d) Micro encapsulation
Ans. d) Micro encapsulation.

Q18. The process of arranging data in Logical Sequence is called:
a) Classifying
b) Sorting
c) Summarizing
d) Reproducing
Ans. b) Sorting.

Q19. Who invented E-mail ?
a) Vinton Cerf
b) James Gosling
c) Tim Berners -Lee
d) Va Shiva Ayyadurai
Ans. c) Tim Berners-Lee

Q20. Direct access of file is also Known as:
a) Random access
b) Relative access
c) file access
d) sequential access
Ans. a) Random access

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