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April 2019 Current Affairs:

Current Affairs 2019 , April Current Affairs
April 2019 Current Affairs

Q1. Who was elected as a FIFA Council member in April 2019 ?
a) Rajiv Mehrishi
b) Praful Patel
c) Shinde
d) P.A. Sangma
Ans. b) Praful Patel

Q2. When is the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace observrd ?
a) 4 April
b) 5 april
c) 6 April
d) 7 April
Ans. c) 6 April

Q3. Who was appointed as Managing Director and CEO of ICICI Securities in April 2019 ?
a) P.S. Jayakumar
b) A.S. Rajeev
c) Vijay Chandok
d) P.V.Bharathi
Ans. Vijay Chando.

 Q4. Where did the biannual Army Commanders
Conference begin in April 2019 ?
a) Pune
b) New Delhi
c) Ranchi
d) Jaipur
Ans. b) New Delhi.

 Q5. When is the World Health Day observed every year ?
a) 6 April
b) 8 April
c) 7 April
d) 9 April
Ans. c) 7 April.

Q6. Who has been appointed as the Chief Justice of the Andhra Pradesh High court in April 2019 ?
a) Justice Rajendra Mal Lodha
b) Justice T.S. Thakur
c) Justice Vikram Nath
d) Justice sanjay kishan Kaul
Ans. c) Justice Vikram Nath

Q7. Where was India’s first-of-its Kind ‘Voter Park’ inaugurated in April 2019 ?
a) Jaipur
b) Noida
c) Pune
d) Gurugram
Ans. d) Gurugram.

 Q8. Which country will be the guest of honour country at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair , ADIBF 2019 ?
a) India
b) Russia
c) Australia
d) Italy
Ans. a) India.

Q9. 13 April 2019 marked the _______ anniversary of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre.
a) 100th
b) 120th
c) 65th
d) 95th
Ans. a) 100th.

Q10. When is the National Safe Motherhood Day (NSMD) observed ?
a) 10 April
b) 12 april
c) 13 April
d) 11 April
Ans. d) 11 April.

Q11. Who has been appointed as the brand ambassador of redBus in April 2019 ?
a) Rohit Sharma
b) Virat Kohli
c) MS Dhoni
d) Hardik Pandya
Ans. c) MS Dhoni.

Q12. When is the International Day for Monuments and Sites, also Known as World Heritage Day celebrated annually ?
a) April 16
b) April 18
c) April 19
d) April 20
Ans. b) April 18

Q13. Who became the first Indian to win an election in Japan ?
a) Puranik Yogendra
b) Anastasia Malhotra
c) Annu Mari
d) Bodhisena
Ans. a) Puranik Yogendra.

Q14. Where was Arjan Singh Memorial International Hockey Tournament held in April 2019 ?
a) Ahmedabad
b) Chandigarh
c) Bhopal
d) Chennai
Ans. b) Chandigarh.

Q15. Who was awarded the Rabindranath Tagore Literacy Prize 2019 for his 2010 novel Solo ?
a) Author Rana Dasgupta
b) Kallol Lahiri
c) N K Sahil
d) Swapan Saha
Ans. a) Author Rana dasgupta.

 Q16. How many medals did India win in the Asian Boxing Championships 2019 ?
a) 12
b) 11
c) 14
d) 13
Ans. d) 13

Q17. How many medals did India win in the Asian Wrestling Championships 2019 ?
a) 15
b) 16
c) 13
d) 14
Ans. b) 16

18. How many gold medals did India win at the ISSF World Cup 2019 ?
a) 5
b) 4
c) 3
d) 6
Ans. c) 3

 19. The world Veterinary Day 2019 is obserbed on ________.
a) 28 April
b) 27 April
c) 30 April
d) 30 April
Ans. a) 28 April.

20. Who took over as the 52nd Controller General of Defence Accounts in April 2019 ?
a) Aditya Kumar Anand
b) Harpreet Singh Sudan
c) Manish kumar
d) Rajendra Kumar Nayak
Ans. d) Rajendra Kumar Nayak.

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