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Science Mcq For Competition Exams:

This is part -2 of Science Mcq Questions.

All Questions are important for upcoming Exams. Questions Covered from previous papers. Visit regularly,  we update the mcq

related to all other topics such as Geography,  History , Sports,  Polity etc.

Science gk questions

Science Mcq Questions 

31. Which of the following can be beaten and converted into thin sheets ?

A. Zinc

B. Phosphorous

C. Sulphur

D. Oxygen


Answer is A)


32. Oxygen molecule is:

A. Monoatomic

B. Diatomic

C. Triatomic

D. Polyatomic


Answer is B)


33. Electric Current is measured by:

A. Voltmeter

B. Anemometer

C. Commutator

D. Ammeter


Answer is D)


34. Adding Which substance gives blue colour to glass ?

A. Manganese oxide

B. Cobalt Oxide

C. Chromium Oxide

D. Iron Oxide


Answer is B)

Cobalt Oxide

35.  Elements of d-block are called :

A. Metals

B. Transuranic elements

C. Transition element

D. Metalloids


Answer is C)

Transition Element

36. The Lightest metal is:

A. Ag

B. Cu

C. Li

D. Fe


Answer is C)


37. Milk openly placed for sometime becomes sour due to:

A. Cabonic Acid

B. Lactic Acid

C. Citric Acid

D. acetic Acid


Answer is B)

Lactic Acid

38. Which chemical substance is used for making rat poison ?

A. Ethyl Alcohol

B. Methyl Isocyanate

C. Potassium Cyanide

D. Ethyl Isocyanide


Answer is C)

potassium Cyanide

39. What is Vermiculture ?

A. The Science of raising worms

B. the science of Studying Animals

C. The science of killing worms

D. None of these


Answer is A)

The science of raising worms

40. Which of the following is a characteristic of an exothermic reaction ?

A. Release of heat

B. Absorption of heat

C. Doesn't involve any change in temperature

D. None of the option is correct


Answer is A)

Release of heat

41. What is atomic number of Argon ?

A. 18

B. 20

C. 16

D. 15


Answer is A)


42. What is atomic number of Iron ?

A. 26

B. 24

C. 28

D. 25


Answer is A)


43. Proteins are the polymers of :

A. Monosacharide

B. Glycerole

C. Amino Acids

D. Nuclear Acids


Answer is )

amino Acids

44. Who discovered the Nucleus in a cell ?

A. Robert Hook

B. Robert Brown

C. Limacus

D. Aristotle


Answer is B)

Robert Brown

45. A galvanometer can be converted into a voltmeter by connecting a :

A. High resistance in series

B. Low resistance in series

C. High resistance in Parallel

D. Low resistance in parallel


Answer is D)

Low resistance in Parallel

46. Ultrafilteration unit of kidney is:

A. Nephron

B. Glomerulus

C. Tubule

D. Vena cava


Answer is A)


47. A Tachometer is device used to measure:

A. gravitational pull

B. Surface Tension

C. speed of Rotation

D. Dispersive Layer


Answer is C)

Speed of Rotation

48. Study of Earth is Known as:

A. Ecology

B. Ethology

c. Biology

D. Geology


Answer is D)


49. Name of the Acid Present in grapes ?

A. Acetic acid

B. Tartaric Acid

C. Amino Acid

D. Ascorbic Acid


Answer is B)

Tartaric Acid

50. Which planet is known as Coldest Planet ?

A. Mercury

B. Mars

C. Neptune

D. Venus


Answer is C)


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