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 Mcq on Maharaja Ranjit Singh :

Hello Readers here you get important Mcq on Maharaja Ranjit Singh. In the Punjab Exams , in history section , some of Questions asked on Maharaja Ranjit Singh.General Knowledge Questions on Maharaja Ranjit Singh. History GK Questions.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh GK Questions

Maharaja Ranjit Singh , also Known as Sher-E-Punjab.Maharaja Ranjit Singh was born on 13 November 1780 in Gujranwala , which is now in Pakistan. He was born into a Sikh family of Sardar Maha Singh and Sardarni Raj Kaur.

He was married to Mehtab Kaur , daughter of Sardar Gurbakash Singh Sandhu , of the Kanhaiya Misl , in 1796.  

> 13 July (1813), Battle of Attock-This was the first significant Sikh Empire’s victory over the Durrani Empire.

 > March – 2 June (1818), Battle of Multan.-Sikhs decisively defeated the Durranis and captured Multan..


> 3 July (1819), Battle of Shopian-The decisive victory of the Sikhs led to the end the five centuries old Muslim rule in Kashmir. 

 > 14 March (1823), Battle of Nowshera-The battle was a decisive victory for the Sikhs and led to their occupation of the Peshawar valley.



> 6 May (1834). Battle of Peshawar-The battle was fought under the command of Hari Singh Nalwa, finally capturing Peshawar and ending the eight hundred years of Muslim rule.

 > The Kohinoor diamond, which is currently in the possession of the Queen of England, was once a part of Ranjit Singh's treasure


> He survived smallpox in infancy but lost sight in his left eye.


Attempt Quiz :

1. When was Maharaja Ranjit Singh born ?
A. 15 November, 1775
B. 13 November, 1780
C. 14 October , 1680
D. None of these 
... Answer is B)
13 November, 1780

2. Maharaja Ranjit Singh father Name ?
A. Sardar Iqbal Singh
B. Sardar Naudh Singh
C. Sardar Maha Singh
D. Sardar Gulab Singh 
... Answer is C)
Sardar Maha Singh

3. Ranjit Singh Mother Name:
A. Raj Kaur
B. Jaspal Kaur
C. Jaswant Kaur
D. Mata Sunder Kaur Ji 
... Answer is A)
Raj Kaur

4. Maharaja Ranjit Singh Father was the Leader of Which Misl?
A. Nakai Misl
B. Kanhaiya Misl
C. Sukerchakia Misl
D. None of these;
... Answer is C)
Sukerchakia Misl

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