Rrb Ntpc General Science Pdf in English

 Rrb Ntpc General Science Pdf in English :

Hello Readers , RRB conduct many exams in every year.Rrb Ntpc General Science Pdf in English. In the Every Exam of RRB , General Awareness Questions Are asked. So, if you are preparing for RRB Exam , you should have Knowledge of General Awareness. In this post we collected the Previous Years Science GK Questions asked in RRB Exams.

RRB GK Science Questions

Science GK Previous Years Questions of RRB Exams :


1. Which of the following devices helps to maintain a potential difference across a conductor ?

A. A cell or battery

B. Ammeter

C. Voltmeter

D. Galvanometer


2. Which of the following is not a voluntary action ?

A. Taking an object

B. Beating of heart

C. Closing a fist

D. Moving a chair


3. Which of the following allotropes of Carbon is used as a reducing agent in metallurgy ?

A. Graphite

B. Charcoal

C. Coke

D. Carbon Black


4. Which one of the following elements has the lowest atomic mass ?

A. Nitrogen

B. Hydrogen

C. Lithium

D. Helium


5. The SI unit of electric charge is :

A. Volt

B. Ampere

C. Coulomb

D. Ohm



6. Ammonium Nitrate, on thermal decomposition , produces :

A. N2 and H2O

B. N2O and H2O

C. NH2 and NO

D. NH3 and NO2


7. Which of the following is a Non-Luminous body ?

A. Firefly

B. Moon

C. Burning candle

D. Glowing bulb


8. Name of type of mirror used in the headlight of vehicles ?

A. Plane Mirror

B. Plano-convex mirror

C. Convex mirror

D. Concave mirror


9. Which of the following is an unsaturated hydrocarbon ?

A. Butane

B. Pentane

C. Ethylene

D. Propane


10. Which of the following causes damage to bridges, iron railings and all objects made of metals ?

A. Rancidity

B. Acidity

C. Reduction

D. Corrosion

11. Which one is not a good conductor of electricity ?

A. Porcelain

B. Aluminium

C. Tungsten

D. Nickel


12. Which one of the following is not alkaline ?

A. Sodium

B. Potassium

C. Lithium

D. Sulphur


13. Gunpowder mainly contains :

A. Calcium sulphate

B. Potassium nitrate

C. Lead sulfide

D. Zinc sulfide


14. Stainless steel is :

A. A compound

B. A mixture

C. An element

D. An alloy


15. What is the common name of the solution of calcium hydroxide ?

A. Lime water

B. Diet soda

C. Salt solution

D. Vinegar



16. When milk becomes sour, ________ is produce ?

A. Lactose

B. Lactic acid

C. Salicylic acid

D. Linoleic acid


17. What happens as we go down the group in the periodic table ?

A. The number of shells decreases

B. Valence electrons decreases

C. The number of shells increases

D. Atomic size decreses


18. The boiling point of Alcohol is 78degree C . What is the temperature in Kelvin Scale ?

A. 78 K

B. 314 K

C. 373 K

D. 351 K


19. The unit of power used in industry is :

A. Kilowatts

B. Joule

C. Watts

D. Horse Power


20. Two or more elements combine to form a :

A. Valency

B. Radical

C. Atom

D. compound 

21. The number of neutrons in an atom is equal to the :

A. Mass number

B. Mass number -atomic number

C. Atomic number

D. Number of electrons


22. The reflector of search light is a :

A. Convex mirror

B. Concave mirror

C. Cylindrical mirror

D. Plane mirror


23. Name the metal that can be easily cut with a knife :

A. Sodium

B. Copper

C. Gold

D. Aluminium


24. The SI unit of resistance is :

A. Coulomb

B. Ohm

C. Joule

D. Newton


25. In a Plant , which of the following is converted into seed ?

A. Stigma

B. Ovary

C. Style

D. Ovule


26. The reproduction parts of a flower are :

A. Stamen and carples

B. Calyx and carpels

C. Calyx and corolla

D. Corolla and stamens


27. Which of the following element is lustrous in nature ?

A. Carbon

B. Iodine

C. Sulphur

D. Nitrogen


28. The blackboard seems black because it :

A. Reflects every body

B. Does not reflect any colour

C. Absorb black colour

D. Reflects black colour


29. Which of the following alloys contains Tin :

A. Brass

B. Solder

C. Duralumin

D. Steel


30. The colour in water is determined using instrument called :

A. Spectrophotometer

B. Photometer

C. Tintometer

D. Atomic absorption spectrophotometer



31. Which of the following is used in making smoke bombs ?

A. Sulphur

B. Phosphorous

C. Hydrogen

D. Carbon


32. Silver halides are used in photographic plates because they are :

A. Oxidised in air

B. Soluble in hyposolution

C. Reduced by light

D. Totally colourless



33. Electron microscope was invented by :

A. Knoll and Ruska

B. Robert Koch

C. Leeuwenhoek

D. C.P.Swanson



34. Electrostatic precipitator is used to control the pollution of :

A. Air

B. Water

C. Noise

D. Thermal


35. Dehydration in human body is caused due to the loss of :

A. Vitamins

B. Salts

C. Hormones

D. Water



36. In the eye colour vision is affected by the presence of :

A. Choroid coat

B. Sclerotic coat

C. Rods

D. Cones

37. Metals are placed on which side of the Modern Periodic Table ?

A. Top row

B. Right side

C. Bottom row

D. Left side


38. Elements that lie in the same column have :

A. Similar properties

B. Different properties

C. Same physical properties

D. Different chemical properties


39. Which one of the following is used for determining the structure of the crystal :

A. Gamma rays

B. X rays

C. UV rays

D. Visible light

40. Contact lenses are made from :


B. Polystrene

C. Lucite

D. Telfon


41. Meson was discovered by :

A. Anderson

B. Seaburg

C. Powell

D. Yukawa


42. Plants growing on the sand are called as :

A. Chasmophytes

B. Oxylophytes

C. Lithophytes

D. Psammophytes


43. Which of the following main elements is used in making matchbox ?

A. Graphite

B. Phosphorous

C. Silicon

D. Sodium


44. Who invented the Centigrade scale ?

A. Anders Celsius

B. Daniel Gabriel Fahrenhiet

C. Wiliam Thomson

D. Wright Brothers



45. Objects float on water based on :

A. Newton’s Third law of motion

B. Hook’s law

C. Faraday’s law

D. Archimedes Principle


Attempt Quiz  :

1. Electron microscope was invented by :
A. Knoll and Ruska
B. Robert Koch
C. Leeuwenhoek
D. C.P. Swanson 
... Answer is A)
Knoll and Ruska

2. The colour in water is determined using instrument called :
A. Spectrophotometer
B. Photometer
C. Tintometer
D. None of these 
... Answer is C)

3. The reflector of search light is a :
A. Convex Mirror
B. Concave Mirror
C. Cylindrical Mirror
D. Plane Mirror 
... Answer is B)
Concave Mirror

4. Which of the following element is lustrous in nature ?
A. Carbon
B. Nitrogen
C. Sulphur
D. Iodine 
... Answer is D)

5. The blackboard seems black because it ?
A. Reflects every body
B. Does not reflect any colour
C. Absorb Black colour
D. Reflects black colour;

... Answer is B)
Does not reflect any colour

If You are preparing for RRB NTPC , RRB other exams. These Questions gives you basic Idea about the pattern of Questions. Rrb Ntpc General Science pdf in English. You can like our facebook page for other updates . Important Science GK Questions for RRB Exams. RRB Science GK Questions in English.

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