10 Sentences About Clock in English

 10 Sentences About Clock in English :

Time is of the essence 10 Sentences About Clock in English in our lives and we use the clock to see the time. There are many types of watches available in the market. The clock is a common in every home, school or office.

10 Lines on Clock

10 Sentences About Clock in English :-

1) Clock shows us time we use it everyday. 

2) There are different types of clocks. 

3) A clock can be analog or digital. 

4) It has an hour hand, minute hand and a second hand. 

5) The most common clocks we can see hanging on the walls of schools, offices. 

6) It runs by battery cell. 

7) It helps us to maintain our routine. 

8) In some clocks we can check date. 

9) In the clock there are numbers from 1 to 12.

10) It is very valuable for us. Because time plays important role in achieving success. So we can manage our time with clock

About Clock in English for Students10 Sentences About Clock in English.


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