My Classroom Essay 200 Words

 My Classroom Essay 200 Words :

I am in Fifth Class.  My Classroom Essay 200 WordsMy classroom is beautiful. My classroom has 20 desks that can seat 40 children. There are four windows in the classroom through which fresh air passes. There are also three fans in the room.

My Classroom Essay

My Classroom Essay 200 Words : -

The classroom is illuminated by windows and LED lights. In addition to these items, there is a white board in the classroom on which the teachers teach.

The classroom also has charts related to different topics. From which children get information.

The classroom has two doors. The classroom also has a map and pictures of some of the great personalities. There is also a cupboard in the classroom with some books. I feel very good in my classroom.

Lines on My Classroom :-

1) I am in Fifth class. 

2) My classroom is neat and beautiful. 

3) It has four windows. 

4) It has two doors. 

5) There are twenty desks in my classroom. 

6)  The classroom also has a map.

7) It has pictures of some great personalities.

8) The classroom also has charts related to different topics.

9) My classroom has Twenty desks that can seat fourty children.

10) I Like My Classroom.

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