Essay on Garbage Problem

 Essay on Garbage Problem :

Hello Readers Here you will Read Essay on Garbage Problem. Garbage contains many types of waste. we should not throw waste near water sources.

Essay on Garbage

Essay on Garbage Problem :-

Garbage is extremely dangerous to the environment. It is produced from used goods such as polythene envelopes, plastic goods, glassware, bottles etc.

Garbage can look bad if not disposed of properly and at the same time it invites many diseases.

Garbage contains many types of waste, such as some that can be recycled. They contain paper or other items that can be taken to the nearest recycling center.

There is a lot of garbage that contains the leaves of trees which can be used to increase the fertility of the soil.

He should sort out the garbage and see what kind of equipment can be used where if any equipment cannot be used then he should not throw it everywhere like this. Instead, it should be delivered to the proper place for the garbage.

Where it can be disposed of.

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