Essay on a Visit to a Village Fair

 Essay on a Visit to a Village Fair :

Paragraph on A Visit to a Village Fair , Essay on a Visit to a Village Fair , Visit to a Village Fair in English.

India is a land of festivals and fairs. Fairs are held in villages and cities every year. Village fairs are worth visiting. There are many different colors to see in these fairs.

Paragraph on A Visit to a Village Fair

Essay on a Visit to a Village Fair 

The village adjoining our village also seems to have a very heavy Durga Puja fair. I also went to see this fair with my friends. As we were walking along, we met other people who were going to see the fair. We also started talking to them.

When we got there, we saw that there were a lot of shops. A huge stage was set up. People were first going and worshiping Durga. After that they were shopping in the shops.

The little ones were buying toys. Many children were swinging. All the children were very happy. My friends and I also took swings. After that we also started seeing shops. After that when we went a little further there was a circus show going on. Many people were watching this circus show.

After watching for a while, we moved on. There were many food stalls ahead. People were buying fritters, jalebis etc. My friends and I also enjoyed the hot jalebis. We also bought some food and drink for the house.

Women were also shopping. Many women were buying bangles. Balloon sellers were walking in front of him. We are enjoying the fair to the fullest. It was late in the evening and people started shopping and getting ready to go home. We also saw the fair and walked home. Talking on the way we reached home.

It was a great experience to see our fair. The villagers are waiting for the fair when the fair will come and we will go to see the fair. Truly seeing village fairs is its own spectacle.

Lines on a visit to a Village Fair :-

1) There are many fairs and festivals in India every year.

2) The fair of Durga Mata also takes place near our village.

3) I also went to see the fair with my friends.

4) There was a lot of crowd in the fair.

5) The shops were decorated in the fair.

7) The children were buying toys.

8) Many children were buying balloons and swinging swings.

9) My friends and I enjoyed the fair.

10) In the evening we returned home after seeing the fair.

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A Visit to a Village FairParagraph on A Visit to a Village FairEssay on a Visit to a Village Fair.

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