What are Weeds how can we control them

 What are Weeds how can we control them :

Hello Students you will read here What are Weeds how can we control them. Methods by which Weeds can be removed.

What are Weeds

What are Weeds how can we control them :-

Weeds - When a farmer sows a crop, some such unwanted plants grow along with that crop. Which are not even sown by the farmer. These are called weeds.

The disadvantage of this is that whenever a fertilizer is applied to the crop, these weeds start growing on that fertilizer due to which the growth of the crop is reduced.

The action by which these unwanted weeds are eliminated is called Weeding.

There are two ways to get rid of these weeds :

1) These weeds are sprayed with weedicides to eliminate them. Weeds are eliminated by spraying weedicides and they do not have any adverse effect on the crop.

2) In another method, these weeds are weeded out of the field with a spade.

Spray time -

The crop should be sprayed before flowering.


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