Write Two Examples for Contact Force

 Write Two Examples for Contact Force :

Hello Readers You will read here Write Two Examples for Contact Force. What is Contact Force. What are the types of Contact Force. Examples of Contact Force. 

Examples for Contact Force

Write Two Examples for Contact Force :-

Contact force

When both the object of application of force and the object on which the force is being applied are in contact with each other, such force is called contact force.

There are two types of contact force:

1) Muscular Force

2) friction force

1) Muscular Force - The force exerted by a muscle on an object is called Muscular Force. Examples are -

When we kick a soccer ball ,

Another example is when we pull a weight with our hands. Muscular Force helps us to do many more activities.

2) Frictional force - A force that is working in the opposite direction of motion or reducing its speed is called frictional force.

We see when a ball is in motion the ball is moving forward its speed decreases with the ground the ball stops in one place.

The force that slows down this speed is called the frictional force.

Hopefully by reading these examples you have got important information about contact force and its types.


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