10 Lines on Paper Bag Day

 10 Lines on Paper Bag Day :

Paper Bag Day , 10 Lines on Paper Bag Day , Paper Bag Day is celebrated all over the world to spread Awareness about the use Paper Bags. 

Lines on Paper Bag Day

10 Lines on Paper Bag Day :-

1) Paper Bag Day is celebrated on 12 July.

2) This day is celebrated to spread awareness about the use of paper bags.

3) Paper bags are good for the environment.

4) Paper bags can be used agian if we use carefully.

5) Paper bags reduce environmental pollution

6) Paper bags are made of natural material.

7) Reduce the use of plastic bags.

8) This day encourages people to use paper bags.

9) Paper bags are great instead of plastic bags.

10) We should start using paper bags from this day.

We may have seen piles of polythene envelopes in many cities. Polythene envelopes are a major cause of environmental pollution, they are not throat and if they are burned, they pollute the air badly.

If the use of these polythene envelopes is not stopped even today, they will become a huge threat to the environment.

We should try to carry a bag of clothes from home whenever we go to collect groceries. It is best because it can be used a lot and can be washed. Paper bags can also be used.

We have to take these steps today so that we can save the environment and future generations.

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10 Lines on Paper Bag Day , Lines on Paper Bag Day.

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